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Playlists for financial success

The playlists contain short videos, tools and calculators to jumpstart your journey to your best life. Learn about important financial topics, like keeping your credit in check, starting an investment portfolio, buying your first house, and saving for your future.

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The basics

Credit, debit, or check it? Learn about the different types of payments, and how to build them into your own budget.

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Pay for your education

Enjoy college at the right price. Finance your education and navigate the application and repayment process.

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Buy your dream home, phone, or drone. Prepare for life's biggest unexpected moments.

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Save for the future

Time flies. Build a retirement plan that lets you swagger into your golden years.


Compounding interest for the win

Taking advantage of compounding interest is one of the easiest ways to build your personal wealth. You'll make money in your sleep.

Keep your pennies. Here are our thoughts.

You can start using these concepts in real life. Check out these insights from current and former students.

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